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Encryption for Cloud Storage

nCrypted Cloud was born in the summer of 2012 to cater to the increasing demand in cloud security. With Cloud Storage Practices, BYOD, and Mobility trends on the rise, Nicholas Stamos and Igor Odnovorov, bringing over 20 years of combined experience in enterprise data security, strived to develop the enterprise solution built upon patent-pending technology to protect the privacy of members and corporate data residing in the public cloud.

nCrypted Cloud is an easy to use, flexible extended collaboration platform that seamlessly integrates with cloud storage services. The company’s patented approach to secure collaboration provides the most secure platform for end-to-end encryption, respecting the privacy of end users, while meeting the data governance and enterprise control requirements of organisations.

nCrypted Cloud addresses the privacy risks that arise from usage of cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive.

Securely share sensitive files with your team, contractors, clients, & vendors
Protect and share your files in seconds from your existing cloud provider on any device. Track & control access to your files even after you’ve hit Send.

Powerful Sharing Features

Share without file size limitations using our advanced sharing features such as access controls, password protection, watermarking, and share expiration.

Stay in Control After You Share

Access to shared files can be disabled at any time. Receive a real-time audit trail of all data activity, as well as read-receipt notifications every time your data is accessed or modified.