Intelligent Network Security

Cloudmark provides intelligent network security solutions that protect organisations’ most valuable resources and defend against security breaches that result in revenue loss, increased costs and brand damage.


Only Cloudmark combines predictive global threat intelligence from hundreds of service providers and thousands of enterprises with real-time defense and cross-vector correlation, including messaging and DNS, in a software solution that deploys rapidly to safeguard organizations and detect attacks before they happen.


Cloudmark Security Platform for DNS combines attack detection, threat intelligence and protection. It is fast, flexible and simple to deploy. The platform provides real time insight into emerging risks and includes an automated policy engine that defends against current threats and predictively deters emerging threats.

DNS is critical to your business. It is the most ubiquitous protocol on the Internet and in your network. It is rarely monitored and never blocked. As traditional network holes have been locked down, cyber criminals have turned to DNS as a preferred channel for covert exploits.

DNS as a Strategic Weapon

Prevent destructive and costly network security incidents by using your DNS traffic to monitor for anomalous and malicious behaviour with Cloudmark Security Platform for DNS.

Data Breaches

Massive brand damage and negative business impact


Company trade secrets and other intellectual property


Personal/Employee information such as credit card data, medical records, bank account data

Security Bypass

Increased exposure to malware


Avoidance of content filtering or network restrictions


Under-monetized security investments

Command & Control

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)


Targeted attacks


Botnet infestation

Cloudmark protects more than 120 tier-one service providers and 70,000 enterprise customers through partners, including Cisco, McAfee, and Microsoft. Key customers include AT&T, Verizon, Swisscom, Comcast, Cox, NTT and more than 1 billion subscribers worldwide.