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Cloudmark Tridentâ„¢

Cloudmark Trident is the industry’s first comprehensive security solution that defends against highly-targeted spear phishing attacks.

Only Cloudmark Trident combines the broadest global intelligence network, behavioral learning, context analysis and anomaly detection to intercept spear phishing attacks that evade current content filtering and sandboxing solutions. Cloudmark leverages the world’s largest commercial threat intelligence database, informed by the largest service providers and hundreds of millions of inboxes.

Cloudmark Trident Benefits


Cloudmark Trident is an email security solution that stops spear phishing messages based on innovative detection techniques and behavioral analytics. With a set of algorithms, run largely in the cloud on both local behavioral context and global messaging patterns, Cloudmark Trident identifies and quarantines messages that other solutions miss.


Cloudmark Trident addresses spear phishing using techniques that differ significantly from those used by traditional content filtering solutions. Through a combination of behavioral, reputational, and heuristic analysis to detect deviations from normal user-to-user messaging activity, Cloudmark Trident enables advanced user warnings to be presented for suspected spear phishing messages.


Cloudmark Trident can be flexibly deployed to complement existing email security defenses and protect against the full spectrum of spear phishing messages — including wire fraud, authentication credentials requests, corporate information requests and malware deployment schemes that lead to system compromise, multi-million dollar losses, data theft and negative impact to brand and reputation.