Cloud and Beyond 2015

Cloud and Beyond 2015: Strategies for Empowering The Cloud

Utalising the power of the cloud is on the minds of IT professionals and business executives globally. Where to start and what to focus on remains one of the challenges, regardless of the company size or industry segment.

This half-day event is designed to assist even the most sophisticated enterprise CIO’s or IT architects on how to harness the most efficient cloud technologies across your organisiation.

Topics covered will include:

  • Evaluating and prioritising your Cloud strategies
  • Utilising the cloud to enhance physical security
  • Monetising your cloud infrastructure
  • Implementing Data Analytics and Visibility
  • Detecting and mitigating Security Breaches
  • Automating Cloud security and business continuity
  • Addressing the challenge of Shadow IT
  • Strategies for the Digital Enterprise
  • The Benefits of the Cloud for business transformation
  • Disrupting Markets with Disruptive Technologies
  • Measuring and Managing your Cloud usage

Who should attend:

Senior Technologists including:

  • CIOs, CTOs & VPs of Technology
  • Chief Systems Engineers
  • IT Directors and Managers
  • Network and Storage Managers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Communications and Networking Specialists
  • Directors of Infrastructure

Business Executives including:

  • CEOs, CMOs, & CIOs , Presidents & SVPs
  • Directors of Business Development
  • Directors of IT Operations
  • Product and Purchasing Managers
  • IT Managers

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This event runs from 1pm – 5pm with arrival refreshments and afternoon tea

Seats are limited so register TODAY!