Persistent Endpoint Security Data Risk Management

Absolute Computrace allows you to persistently secure all of your endpoints, and the sensitive data they contain, to ensure—and most importantly prove—that endpoint IT compliance processes are properly implemented and enforced.

Risk Assessment

Monitor device activity and status, and receive alerts if predefined conditions occur. Examples include non-compliant device location, the status of complementary security technologies such as encryption and anti-malware, offline device control, blacklisted applications, rogue employees, etc.

Lifecycle Security

Apply a layer of security across the entire lifecycle of each device and receive alerts if predefined conditions occur. Examples include securing new devices in transit, validating end users, hardware / software inventories, blacklisted applications, certified end of life data delete protocols, etc.

Risk Response

Remotely invoke security commands and other measures to avoid a significant security incident. Examples include end user messaging, locking a device until its status is confirmed, definitive proof that endpoint data and corporate networks were not accessed while a device was at risk, remote retrieval and deletion of endpoint data, chain of custody, internal investigations, etc.

Persistence for the Endpoint

Persistence technology from Absolute provides you with visibility and control over all of your devices, regardless of user or location. If an Absolute software client is removed from an endpoint, it will automatically reinstall so you can secure each device and the sensitive data it contains. No other technology can do this.