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  • Interactive Advanced Malware Analysis
  • Analyze Web and Email Downloads for Advanced Malware
  • Investigating Malware Behaviors
  • Simplifying Event Management
  • Viewing the Entire Attack Chain

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The Leader in Advanced Malware Protection

Lastline is focused on real-time analysis of advanced malware and knowing the Internet’s malicious infrastructure. Lastline leverages this threat intelligence to create advanced malware defenses for companies of all sizes.

By focusing on cloud-based automated systems and processes, Lastline has developed the technology to analyse advanced malware at an unprecedented speed and volume. This gives Lastline the ability to analyse binaries and web content in real-time as it enters the Enterprise network, as well as the ability to map the Malscape at a level of accuracy and relevance not previously available. Lastline’s higher level of accuracy and attention to the everyday requirements of IT managers allows for the delivery of actionable threat intelligence to security teams and to companies that rely on managed security services for their protection.